Financial Services

Financial Literacy Educator

I am passionate about empowering all in financial literacy.  I can assist in the design and facilitation of your financial workshops or classes for various age-groups(middle school-adults).

I teach workshops with any of the following financial topics: setting financial    goals, understanding debt,  budgeting, understanding credit,  banking basics and the art of saving.

What I offer:      

Financial literacy series (4 consecutive weekly classes) 50-min

Class content:

1. Setting Financial Goals

2. Creating a workable budget

3. Understanding Debt

4. Understanding Credit

Service included:

  • free personal phone consultation with me prior to class/event
  •  customized, engaging content to meet your specific event objectives
  • customized handouts or worksheets, if applicable
  • customized, power point, if applicable.
  • Certificates of completion for all attendees


Interested, Lets Discuss with a Free Consultation!


What I offer:

Individual Financial Assessment and Coaching

Service Included:

  • One-on-One Budget creation
  • Budgeting Tools
  • Customized Assessment and plan to reach financial goals
  • Three 1-hour phone sessions
  • Unlimited access to me by email for 30 days


Interested, Let Discuss with a Free Consultation!

What I Offer:

Group Budgeting Class

Budget Binder Class: 2-hr, 30 student class limit

Class content:

  • Learn how to create a budget
  • Create a Budget Binder that is workable for every budget need in class
  • Binder, pages provided
  • Leave with a finish Binder to start budgeting

Cost: $1350

Interested, Lets Discuss with a Free Consultation!



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Refund Policy for Individual and Group Coaching 
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