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Khaleila Davis, is a financial literacy educator, certified through the national financial educators council and founder of AvaOliviaUnlimited, LLC.

I created this organization to educate those who felt powerless in their knowledge on personal finances, money management and getting out of debt.  I take my role seriously in sharing personal finance with the world.

I instruct personal finance classes and remote financial coaching services.

‘Sharing knowledge to increase power.’

What qualifies me to speak on basic financial literacy?

I am certified through the national financial educators council and have gone through my fair share of financial situations that have taught me well.  I am a home owner x 2(currently working on #3 in 2018), landlord, college loan recipient who has paid them off, entrepreneur, wanderlust who realized if I wanted the life I have, I had to manage what I have.  With fluctuating income due to consultant work and a passion for travelling I still made it happen with out lasting debt or neglecting my savings goals.  My financial perspective is a mix of real life encounters with education  and research.

Not to get too political, but this country thrives on consumerism and in its capitalistic nature I would hope we also teach fellow Americans how to manage the  money they have.  We are taught to go after the career choice of our dreams, our society lavishes lifestyles of the wealthy as a standard but never shares when you become wealthy how to maintain it.  And research shows that as a country we are up to our noses in debt.  My services are a direct response to this problem.

I was always fairly good with money.  But I learned many things the hard way but always managed to get back on track because it was a priority for me. I too was never taught in the informative years. Embarrassingly enough, I honestly never heard of a credit score until I was in the process of buying my first home.   From seeing so many others go through the same thing and make lasting errors, I developed a passion to share with others what I have learned along the way.  I don’t sell products or push a particular brand.  I just break down, the basic fundamentals of budgeting, credit, debt, saving, etc. I have taught adult literacy for a few years now and have taught financial literacy for too many years to count, on a one to one basis.  I recently decided to share my skills with class size audiences of all ages.

Fun facts about me:

I have started a few successful business ventures including property investments, t-shirt line, e-book audio narration, public speaking, hosting and is an up-and-coming author.  I am passionate about ministry and entrepreneurship and live a life that hopefully encourages others to pursue their passions.   In my spare time I love to read,  travel  the world  (25 countries and counting), liturgical dancing and is a self proclaimed foodie.

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I have always known Khaleila as a great educator from her many years of  teaching adults how to read. That in itself has always impressed me, but I  was not aware of her savviness in financial education until I was in need.

As a business owner,  I thought I was well informed when it came to credit. It wasn’t until I ran into an issue that lowered my credit,  did I seek her assistance.

She instructed me on numerous methods in which I could increase my score quickly (ex. Obtaining secured credit cards, increasing credit limits on current cards, keep credit cards amount below 30% max credit, etc. ).

As a result, my credit increased by about 60 points over 3 months. I have since referred my family members and friends to seek her knowledge.

I believe everyone can benefit from her financial advice; whether you are a high school student being introduced to the world of credit or a seasoned business owner.                        Gertrude Etta, Pharm D.

Jeremiah 17:7