Fun with Limited Funds!

Hey y’all, (insert country accent).

Hope all is well and you are getting in the swing of 2017 and looking to really transform your finances more seriously.  Now we know, it can be overwhelming to cut yourself off from everything to meet your financial goals.  My take on it, is you don’t have to totally cut yourself off from the world to save your coins.  But it does take being a bit more strategic about how you do things.  If you don’t plan, you can basically call it a fail because you may blow all the hard work you have put in place thus far.

Okay, ready, game plan. Have fun but save at the same time.  How is this possible, try the below ideas and see if you miss the weekend festivities of your past.

  1.  For the person who loves the arts/concerts/festivals, I suggest searching online for your local activities where they have free showings for up and coming artist in your area.  Those can be found in most cities, sometimes at your local library.  Google is your friend.  Smaller productions often have free events to get publicity  for their acts.  Also, if your new love interest ask about your likes and dislikes , maybe mention something you wanted to see and you might get to fall in love all while taking in one of your must haves and yes, free.  Okay, this one sounds suspect but you get the drift.
  2. In the mood for clubbing, try hosting a mini party at your home and tell your guest to dress to impress and bring a dish or beverage.   You can cook something you already have at home, remember to keep it simple. Use YouTube for your favorite song list and enjoy a free evening of joy with your favorite people.
  3. Seeking something more girly, then you can get all your favorite nail polishes together and do each others nails.  Its adequate girl time to catch up on all the latest gossip and not even touch any of your funds.   And for the men, get a couple of the guys together and get a weekly or bi-weekly card game going.  Have everyone bring a snack/beverage and let the good times roll.  They are so many other things you can do.
  4. Be creative, be strong and keep your eye on the prize.   Let 2017 be your best financial year yet!

Proverbs 15:22

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