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Welcome to my Blog: Finance Me!

Here you will be able to watch me navigate my own financial struggles, concerns and meet my own goals.  Lets navigate this time together.

What a better time to start a blog, for me its a way to live out loud in every sense of the word.  We have a new Loud President-Elect Trump.  We have shockingly loud financial world crisis happening all over the world.  We have presently LOUD glaring rising interest rates.  And sadly, screamingly, LOUD news that most american are still not doing well financially, educationally, socially, ‘YOU NAME IT!’.  Really what are we to do:

  1. Do not panic!  Take it from me, my worst decisions were made when I felt stressed, depressed or overwhelmed.  You never should make big decisions when your emotionally un-fit.
  2. Take a step back, do something fun and free of course, we don’t want you to regret taking that vacation that was suppose to leave you relaxed but now has a huge bill that is due on your credit card, which will trust me add to your stress. Always look at your local newspapers, google or television stations, they always tell you whats going on in your city. Take in a local event, even if your not interested.  You may even meet someone new or learn something about yourself.
  3. Make an attainable plan of attack.  Writing things out and giving your self a deadline with steps to take(SMART) usually eases some of the temporary stress.

These simple tips have helped me out alot! Try them out, let me know what ways you relax in a tense environment.

John 14:27

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Your favorite person that has a nerdy love for all things finances and goal setting. Born immigrant who came to the U.S. and is living the American dream with a lot of God's Blessing and hard-work, that is. Thanks for joining my world. Virtual hugs!

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