$35 Weekly Food Budget!

Yes, it can be done!  I have receipts to prove it.  It takes careful planning and strategic shopping.  You have to be open to new foods and know a bit about cooking!.  If you have access to youtube, you can learn how to cook!

I only buy food on sale.  If it’s not on sale that week, I skip it. That means,  I’m flexible. I am also eating very healthy and I eat meat.  So, there I dispelled all the rumors about what you can’t do.  I bring my left overs as lunch to work most days and I bring my oatmeal for breakfast.

Food prep helps take the mystery out of what to eat.  Come up with what you want, keep it simple and do it. I will cook a big batch of rice and cut up my vegetables ahead of time and store in a freezer safe baggies. I also only cook maybe 3 times a week.  Left-overs are my favorite. I’m never hungry and I always have food left over for the next week.  The money I save in the following weeks goes toward a treat outside. Dunkin Donuts latte or chinese take-out one night. If I am really good and took advantage of a really good sale that month, I may even go out for brunch with the girls.

I always have spices on hand, which make everything taste good.   I buy curry because it has turmeric, cumin and an array of other spices.  I eat a ridiculous amount of garlic and onions in every meal.  Adding that to your dishes takes it up a notch and you get multiple spices for the price of one. I always have salt, black pepper, sugar, cinnamon and pepper flakes on hand.

I drink a lot of water and only buy ginger ale soda when it’s on sale for $1 a bottle, when limes are on sale, I make fresh limeade, I also drink lots of tea.

If I am craving something sweet, I bake.  grind up oatmeal into flour, add eggs, sugar, banana can make, pancakes, banana bread or muffins.

What I bought this week:

  • $2.99  ground turkey
  • $2.99 Lentils
  • $2.45 bananas
  • $2.49  5-minute oatmeal
  • $1.99 5-lb of onions
  • $2.50 8-heads of garlic
  • $3.45 pack of chicken thighs (managers sale)
  • $3.99 5 lb bag of rice
  • $1.99 tomatoes
  • $4  3-packs of frozen spinach
  • $2.99 head of green cabbage
  • $1.99 dozen eggs
  • $2 bag of potato chips

What I ate:

Breakfast options:

  • 10-minute oatmeal, cinnamon, sugar(optional), boiling water, 1/2 banana
  • scrambled eggs, tortilla, sautéed tomatoes, spinach & onions and a whole banana

Lunch (I eat dinner left overs) and Dinner options:

  • tacos: ground meat, tomatoes, sautéed onions, garlic, sautéed cabbage
  • curry chicken, rice, spinach
  • fried rice:onions, garlic, cabbage, eggs, ground meat; side of steamed spinach
  • lentil soup
  • cabbage stir fry:cabbage, onion, garlic, tomatoes, curry with rice


  • potato chips
  • over ripe frozen bananas in the blender makes a healthy ice cream treat